IP67 Flanged Heavy Duty Enclosures

IP67 Flanged Heavy Duty Enclosures manufactured as per our high-quality standards provide a unique solution for your applications in harsh environment conditions. IP67 protection level indicates the waterproof and dustproof of these enclosures, which you can easily choose the best fit for your work environment.​

The products are made of high-quality ABS body and lid and have a continuous TPE seal. A clear cover made from PC material is also available. To meet IP67 protection standards against dust, liquid, and moisture, the lid screws and wall mounting holes are located outside the sealed part.

​The mounting bosses ease the mounting process and provide a wider range of applications. Especially they are ideal for electric and electronic systems for wall-mounting or mobile platforms.

Mounting Ears

PC Clear Lid Option


IP67 Seal

Sticker Pool

Stainless Screws
Mounting Holes
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