UV Printing

We launched UV Printing within Altınkaya. After choosing the right product, you can have CNC Cutting done, then you can have UV Printing or Laser Marking done under one roof without wasting any time. Having all these processes done in Altınkaya will offer you a competitive advantage in terms of time and cost.

✔️Logo, brand, mimic diagram, control visuals, panel screen writings, port marking, potentiometer marking, button marking, and even your variable data such as serial number are some sample works we do on our enclosures.

 Multicolor printing

 Embossed and transparent printing

✔️ Time and cost advantage

✔️ High resistance to chemicals

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Increase Your Quality While Reducing Your Graphic Printing Costs

👍 Time is a very important cost in manufacturing. It takes serious time to disassemble the products you buy, take them to the printing workshop, follow them, take them back and reassemble them. You will save time when you receive the finished product by having the visual printing of the boxes you will provide from us done in our company.

Save on Workmanship and Transportation.​

​Ordering the graphic printing together with the enclosure order and receiving the printed products will save you money in terms of transportation, labor, and wastage. You can work more efficiently while we prepare your prints in our workshop.

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Technical Drawing

Send us the PDF, AI, CDR or EPS format file of the image you want to print on the product.


After the technical drawing is approved, the workmanship is started with the product-specific workmanship code (Ex: C-2001-001).


A picture of the finished sample is shared with you and your approval is obtained.

Receive Your Product

Once your product is ready, it is delivered quickly.

Workmanship Code in UV Printing

💡 At UV Printing, we define special codes for each of your projects. These codes are saved in our system. When you want to have the same print made again, you will not experience processes such as preparing drawings and sending samples again. Specifying the code in your repetitive prints will be enough for us to do the same process.

Available File Formats

 PDF (Portable Document Format)

 SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics)

 AI (Adobe Illustrator)

 CDR (Corel Draw)

 EPS (Encapsulated PostScript)

 The images must be vectorized.

✔️ If the graphic design includes pixel-based images that are not vectorized, the actual print size should not be below 300 DPI.

✔️ All text in the graphic design must be converted to vector.

✔️ CMYK color system must be used. We can print the closest CMYK equivalent of the colors Panone® and colors produced with special inks.

Printing Surface

We have the possibility to print on surfaces up to 5mm depth from the surface.

Printing resolution may decrease on deep surfaces.

We can print on 600mm × 400mm surfaces, up to 150mm thick.

⚠️ If an image is to be printed on a CNC machined or standard enclosure, the images must be placed on the surface in a computerized way. The design must be prepared in multiple layers (Layered). In addition, only the image should be sent as a different file.

Comparison of Printing Methods

Screen Printing

  • Medium Speed Printing
  • Medium - High Detail Level
  • Limited Color Use, Pantone Possible
  • Usually Takes Time to Dry
  • Print Preparation Time Too Long
  • Error Correction Time Too Long
  • Each color is printed separately

UV Printing

  • Fast Print
  • High Level of Detail
  • CMYK Color Usage (Millions of Colors)
  • Print Dries Instantly, Ready to Use Immediately
  • Very Short Print Readiness Time
  • Error Correction Time Too Short
  • Colors can be printed at the same time

Pad Printing

  • Medium - Fast Speed Printing
  • High Level of Detail
  • Limited Color Use, Pantone Possible
  • Usually Takes Time to Dry
  • Print Preparation Time Too Long
  • Error Correction Time Too Long
  • Each color is printed separately

UV Printing Samples

Frequently Asked Questions

We can make all the graphic prints you want on all our products whose material and printing surface are suitable.

We have the possibility to print many images with our UV curing printing system.

We can apply all colors in a color palette close to the photographic image.

In the CMYK color palette, which is our printing system, we can achieve results that are 85% close to Panton and RAL codes.

Depending on the color of the enclosure and the desired printing color, we can print all colors, including white, at an additional cost by applying liner printing when necessary. You can choose the most suitable one for you from the color systems we will suggest.

We can make variable prints such as serial number / LOT number at additional cost.

Our UV curing printing system has passed etching tests. It lasts longer than many methods.

We have seen that our prints are not erased with the tests we did with different chemicals. You can still try the chemical your product comes into contact with on our sample prints.

The printing method we use is highly resistant to sunlight.

We calculate our prices according to the area of the printed surface, how many surfaces are treated and how many layers we print.

Leaving aside the apparent cost, if we look at the time and labor you spend when printing in different places, you will get more colorful, more vivid, faster and smoother printing results at less cost.