CNC Machining

​For years, we have been customizing our enclosures as per our customers' requirements. In this regard, attention and accuracy are the key elements for manufacturing our enclosures from raw materials such as plastic, aluminum, extrusion, sheet metal, and aluminum castings.

         Thanks to the industrial computer-controlled CNC machines and our lasting experience, all of your components such as circuits, terminal blocks, LCD displays, and keypads easily and precisely fit into our enclosures.

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For more detailed information contact us from [email protected].

Techical Drawing

Send your PDF, DXF, DWG, STEP or hand-drawn design. 


After the technical drawing is approved, the workmanship is started with the product-specific workmanship code (Ex: C-2001-001).


A picture of the finished sample is shared with you and your approval is obtained.

Recieve Your Product

Once your product is ready, it is delivered quickly.

Operation at Every Geometry

​ We can customize our enclosures with various geometrical shapes and dimensions.

No Minimum Order Quantity

​No matter is your order is composed of 1 piece, we are committed to customize it. 

Impeccable Worksmanship

​With the guidance of our expert staff, we process every surface of your enclosure fast, precise and without any damages.

Cutting Tolerances

​We can process your enclosures within ± 0,1 mm of tolerance.

More Than 30 Years of Experience

​Our experienced staff will assist you to get the best results.

Technical Support

We provide you with technical support to make sure our product exceeds your expectations.

Waste-Free Production

​We cover the potential waste that may result from the production process.

By means of the computer controlled machining, we can process all geometric shapes

Circular Cutting

Curved Cutting

Label Pool Emptying

Flat / Countersunk

Rectangle Cutting


Customized CNC Cutting Code

We save your CNC cutting and UV & Laser printing codes into our systems. Thus, we accelerate our processes once you wish to repeat your previous order.

Corner Radius

 When a rotating tool is used, the corners of the machining shapes are rounded in proportion to the tool lenght.

Sharper corners are possible using a smaller tool, but this increases our machining time and cost.


Material Standart Radius Minimum Radius
Plastic 1,00 mm 0,75 mm
Transparent Panel 1,25 mm 1,00 mm
Aluminum 1,25 mm 1,00 mm
Sheet Metal 1,25 mm 1,00 mm



Size Countersink Thickness (C) mm Material Thickness (T)
M2 1,20 mm 1,20 mm
M2,5 1,45 mm 1,45 mm
M3 1,75 mm 1,75 mm
M3,5 2,00 mm 2,00 mm
M4 2,30 mm 2,30 mm
M4,5 2,55 mm 2,55 mm
M5 2,80 mm 2,80 mm
M6 3,30 mm 3,3 mm
M8 4,40 mm 4,4 mm

Countersinking is cutting the top of the screw hole at an angle so that the head of a screw fits on the mounting surface without protruding.

If the countersink thickness of the screw is greater than the thickness of the material to be machined, the excess can be left on the upper or lower surface.


When mounting components such as connectors and cable glands in enclosures we can also thread the enclosure surface with special 

tools instead of drilling straight holes and using nuts. You can find the thread lengths and pitches we cut in accordance with PG and Metric 

standards in the table

Measurements Pitch
M2,5 0,45 mm
M3 0,50 mm
M4 0,70 mm
M5 0,80 mm
M6 1,00 mm
M7 0,50 mm
M8 0,75 mm
M8 1,25 mm
Measuremets Pitch
M10 0,75 mm
M10 1,00 mm
M25 1,50 mm
M32 1,50 mm
M40 1,50 mm
M50 1,50 mm
M63 1,50 mm

Measurements Pitch
PG7 1,27
PG9 1,411
PG11 1,411

Recessed Area for Membrane Label

Recessed area at the desired depth
Recessed area can be applied on the metal surfaces
Enclosures can be machined to stretch so that switch caps do not puncture the label

Clinching Fasteners

Fastening nuts, screws and elevation parts are components that enable all kinds of device and card assembly to be made more robust and 


Specially produced fastening nuts, screws and standoffs are pressed into the holes previously drilled on soft metal with a special press 

with high pressure.


 For aluminum and metal surfaces
Robust and durable
Threaded mounting feet at desired height 
Precision work with parallel compression method 
High torque resistance

Does not require any extra holes or threads 
Reasonable cost and clean workmanship 
Screw, Nut, open and closed mounting feet 
M3, M4, M5 and M6, M8 sizes

Upgrade Steel Parts (Open)

SO Models

Compatibility with M3, M4, M5 sizes

Upgrade Steel Parts (Close) 

BSO Models Compatibility 

M3, M4, M5 sizes

Drive in nut (Steel)

S Models

Compatibility with M3, M4, M5, M6, M8 sizes

Driven Screw (Steel)

FH Models

Compatibility with M3, M4, M5, M6, M8 sizes

​ Instructions and File Formats for CNC Cutting

You may send us your instructions about CNC cutting in different ways. 

You can send processes you want by drawing manually or on the computer on technical pictures of PDF or DXF format is found on our website.

Hand-drawn or computer-drawn sketch of the process 2/3 dimensional technical drawing. You can also see 2/3 D file formats in table 2.

If you do not have any technical drawings,you are able to send 

sample of your product to us. Necessary drawings will be send after 

doing according to sample.


During production step, once you send your PCB, and components such as connector, terminals, lcd screen with us, the assembly of the components will be checked then, sizes and tolerances will be corrected for a better performance.

⚠️ Please make sure the file scale is 1/1.

You can share hand drawn sketches on product drawing with us.

Size Countersink Thickness (C) mm Material Thickness (T)
Hand-Drawn Sketch 2 Dimensional pdf, jpg, png, tif
Autocad Drawing 2 Dimensional
PDF Drawing 2 Dimensional
Step 3 Dimensional
stp, step
Parasolid 3 Dimensional
iges 3 Dimensional

Technical Drawing for CNC Cutting

While dimensioning the technical drawing, the center point will be determined first and then the measurement values will be given or the measurements should be made from the points that can be measured with a caliper on the box should be given. The following sample drawings can be



Even though there is a high sensitivity of CNC machines, please avoid giving exact tolerances for plastics as being elastic materials.

Please find general tolerances using the following.

Tolerances DIN7168

Nominal Dimensions (mm)
0,5 - 3 3 - 6 6 - 30 30 - 120 120 - 400
Median ± 0,1
± 0,1
± 0,2
± 0,3
± 0,5

CNC Machining Samples