Custom Production

Production in Custom Colors

Once the minimum order quantities are met, we have the ability to produce our enclosures in the color of your choice in accordance with your brand identity.

This customization ensures that your products are eye-catching and memorable.

Production with Different Materials

When the minimum order quantities are fulfilled, we can change the raw materials we use to give our enclosures the following properties:

Flame retardancy

Resistance to sunlight

Increased strength

Resistance to high temperatures

Mold Production

In certain order quantities, we produce special molds for you. 

Neither do we sell the enclosures produced with these molds to other customers nor display them on our website. 

Launching your device with a special enclosure enables you to come to the forefront in the market.

These innovations can expand the field of use of the products. Please contact us for solutions suitable for your needs.

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