DT-255 Sloped Desktop Enclosure

[DT-255-0-0-G-0] 188 x 133 x 62 mm https://www.altinkaya.com/web/image/product.template/1175/image_1920?unique=406a2a4

The DT-255 Sloped Desktop Enclosure is a versatile, impact-resistant and heat-resistant ABS enclosure that is perfect for a variety of desktop applications with a compact design and available in two color options.

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DT-255 Sloped Desktop Enclosure

The DT-255 Sloped Desktop Enclosure is the perfect solution for a variety of desktop applications, including control and measurement and display purposes. Constructed from ABS and UL94-HB, this enclosure is both impact-resistant and heat-resistant, making it ideal for use in a variety of environments.

Measuring 188mm x 133mm x 62mm, the DT-255 has a compact design that will fit comfortably on any desktop. Available in black and light grey color options, it offers the ability to suit different styles and match with various types of equipment. The sloped design allows for easy viewing and access to the electronic components inside, while the durable ABS construction provides long-lasting protection.

If you're looking for a dependable and versatile desktop enclosure, the DT-255 Sloped Desktop Enclosure is an excellent choice.


Color Light Gray, Black, Dark Gray
Material ABS
Panel Flat Panel
A (mm) 188
B (mm) 133
C (mm) 62
Operating Temperature -30° / +70°
IP Rate IP40
Units per box 10