DT-135 Sloped Desktop Enclosure

[DT-135-K-0-G-0] 270 x 200 x 71 mm https://www.altinkaya.com/web/image/product.template/1165/image_1920?unique=e6cf4a1

The DT-135 Sloped Desktop Enclosure is a sleek and professional option for electronic applications made of ABS-UL94-HB material and sloped front panel.

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The DT-135 Plastic Sloped Desktop Enclosure is a versatile and durable option for a variety of electronic applications. It is designed to withstand the rigors of desktop use and can also be used in medical devices, audio video control systems, and automation. It is compact and easy to integrate into your project. This enclosure is perfect for protecting and organizing your electronic components, while also providing a professional look.

This enclosure is made of ABS-UL94-HB material, which offers high impact resistance, high resistance to heat and chemicals, and UL94-HB flammability rating. This makes it a suitable option for both indoor and outdoor applications.

The compact dimensions of 270mm x 200mm x 71mm of the enclosure makes it ideal for desktop use, and it's easy to install and integrate with other components. It provides ample space for your electronic components and makes them easy to access. The enclosure is also designed to be easy to modify, with removable panels for easy access to the interior.

The DT-135 Plastic Sloped Desktop is perfect for a wide range of electronic applications, including desktop applications, medical devices, audio video control systems, and automation. It offers protection and organization for your electronic components while also providing a professional look.


Color Light Gray, Black
Screen Frame Closed Screen Opening, Open Display window
Color Light Gray, Black
Material ABS
A (mm) 270
B (mm) 200
C (mm) 71
Operating Temperature -30° / +70°
IP Rate IP40, IP54
Units per box 5