PT-138-01 Panel Enclosure

[PT-138-01-0-D-A] 48 x 48 x 58.5 mm

PT-138 is a DIN panel enclosure.

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PT-138-01 DIN Panel Enclosure

The PT-138-01 DIN Panel Enclosure is made from high-quality ABS plastic in a light gray or black color and measures 48 mm x 48 mm x 58.5 mm. It comes with a body, frame, panel and side clamps for easy mounting. Contact our International Sales team for more information on customization and quantity details.

This enclosure is an ideal solution for analog and digital control panels used for time, temperature, and counters. Its ABS plastic construction and compact design make it a versatile and reliable option for a wide range of applications.


Color Light Gray, Black, Dark Gray
Back Cover w Terminal Slot
Material ABS
A (mm) 48
B (mm) 48
C (mm) 58.5
Operating Temperature -30° / +70°
IP Rate IP40
Units per box 20