DT-238 Desktop Enclosure

[DT-238-250-0-S-0] 228 x 170, 200, 250 x 76 mm http://www.altinkaya.com/web/image/product.template/1173/image_1920?unique=c722965

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DT-238 Aluminum Project Enclosure

The DT-238 Aluminum Project Enclosure is the perfect solution for desktop applications, automation and control systems, and medical areas. Made from durable Aluminum, this enclosure is available in black color.

Measuring 228mm x B x 76mm, this enclosure includes both a bottom and base part, as well as panels on both sides for easy access to your electronic devices.

As a part of our Aluminum Project Enclosures category, the DT-238 offers reliable protection and heat dissipation for your projects while providing a sleek and professional look



Color Black
Length 170 - 250 mm
Material ABS, 1 mm Aluminium
A (mm) 228
B (mm) 170, 200, 250
C (mm) 76