DT-230 Plastic Desktop Enclosure

[DT-230-0-G-G-0] 228 x 285 x 52 mm https://www.altinkaya.com/web/image/product.template/1172/image_1920?unique=0f92062

DT-230 Plastik Laboratuvar Kutusu, masaüstü uygulamaları, otomasyon ve kontrol sistemleri ve tıbbi alanlar için mükemmel çözümdür.

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<div> <h2>DT-230 Plastic Project Enclosure</h2> <p>The DT-230 Plastic Project Enclosure is the perfect solution for desktop applications, automation and control systems, and medical areas. Made from durable ABS-UL94-HB plastic, this enclosure is available in black and light colors. </p> <p>Measuring 228mm x 285mm x 52mm, this enclosure includes both a bottom and base part, as well as panels on both sides for easy access to your electronic devices. </p> <p>As a part of our Plastic Project Enclosures category, the DT-230 offers reliable protection for your projects while providing a professional look. </p> </div>


Color Light Gray
Panel Color Light Gray Panel, Black Panel
Material ABS
A (mm) 228
B (mm) 285
C (mm) 52
Operating Temperature -30° / +70°
IP Rate IP54
Units per box 1