Plastic Cases

Our plastic cases provide the ideal protection for various productions with various carrying solutions. Altınkaya has a wide range of plastic cases used in different industries and applications. Thanks to the perforated foam and different color options, the usage of plastic cases can be customized as per your preferences and requirements. There are black, red, light grey, white, yellow, and blue color options in different models. Additionally, our in-house UV printing unit can finish the cases with your unique design. The exterior parts of our enclosures are eligible for the logo and product information printing due to their wide surface areas.

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PC-278 Plastic Case
275 x 230 x 81 mm
PC-460 Plastic Case
340 x 275 x 83 mm
PC-470 Plastic Case
340 x 275 x 124 mm
PC-480 Plastic Case
340 x 275 x 165 mm
PC-580 Plastic Case
450 x 360 x 141 mm