Aluminium Injection Enclosures

Aluminum Injection Enclosures that are produced in compliance with high-quality standards are ideal solutions for professionals striving for solidity and efficiency. Thanks to the high thermal conductivity of aluminum, these enclosures are eligible for harsh working conditions.

​ The enclosures are produced with sensitive aluminum injection operations, which enables them to have superior structural integrity and longevity. Besides, there are customizing options such as installing hinges and opening cable entries. These enclosures simplify be cooling of electronic components thanks to their perfect heat distribution and provide a long-lasting performance. Due to the lightness of aluminum, carrying and mounting processes are easy and quick.​  

  This series is ideal for applications that may be exposed to high temperatures and chemicals or for industrial systems with high mechanical protection. In addition, the EMI-hinged enclosures can be eligible for the electronic systems required for protection against radio frequency (RF).

IP67 Seal
Stainless Mounting Screws
Card Rail

Mounting Bosses
Stainless Lid Screws

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