Altinkaya Enclosures for Electronics is a leading manufacturer of electronic device enclosures in Türkiye. With 40 years of work experience and more than 1000 product ranges, Altınkaya fulfills the requirements of enclosures and electronic-mechanical components of many electronics producers situated in Türkiye and foreign countries along with its production, import, and export operations. We, as a team composed of 100 people enthusiastically doing their daily duties, meticulously produce, customize, and provide the enclosures and accessories as per your wishes.

DIN Standards Compliant Rail Type Enclosures

DIN Rail Type Enclosures used in electrical systems, automation systems and many different temperatures are offered with Altınkaya quality. Our sales together with all necessary DIN Rail accessories are available both from our office and from our online store. 

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IP67 Sealed Enclosures

The enclosures, which have a wide range of usage areas with mounting ears, without mounting ears, transparent and flat lid options, gain waterproof feature with IP67 gasket. ABS, a hard and lightweight raw material, facilitates outdoor use. Sealed Boxes, which are offered for sale with size options, can be modified in molds or adapted to the dimensions desired to be stored in different ways.

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Components, Screws, Upgrade Parts

All necessary accessories for our plastic and metal boxes, screws for installation, bulkheads for PCB assembly, cable glands and many more are offered in modular form. 

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CNC Cutting, UV Printing and Laser Marking

We adhere to your special designs and drawings, customize them and add value to them. Contact us for technical support and orders. 

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CNC Cutting

UV Printing

Laser Marking

Mold Production and Special Production

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