Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Products and Services

We select the plastic and metal raw materials we use in enclosure production in accordance with the RoHS directive. RoHS compliance information for each product is available on the product's own page.

We cut and drill the speaker holes, cooling ducts, and component holes on every surface of the boxes. You can find detailed information here.

We have many types of enclosures in different sizes. You can review these products on our website. If you choose the enclosure you will use before designing the board for your electronic device, the time to market of your device will be shortened.

We sell our enclosures individually, in boxes of 10, 20, or 50 according to their size. The number of enclosures in the package is indicated on the product pages on our website and in our product catalog. If you want to buy products for sample purposes below these numbers, you can also buy our enclosures individually from our website. We only accept orders and sample requests under the number of packages through our website. Our accessories and spare screws are available in pre-packaged plastic packages, you can place your orders in multiples of these numbers.

Our products are always available in certain colors in our stocks. You can see the stocked color of each product on the relevant product page. For high quantity orders such as 500-1000 pieces, we can produce in special colors you want, depending on the availability of the desired color.

You can find the technical picture of the product you want on the relevant product pages on our website.

We are constantly working on new enclosure types in line with the demands of our customers and we are adding new ones to our product range with increasing momentum.

Yes, we provide custom enclosure design, prototyping service and mold production for the device you will produce. Please contact us for more information.

We open LCD screen slots, various buttons, connectors, terminal blocks, card holes, label pools, and ventilation holes on the desired surface of the enclosures we produce. We can also make various prints on our enclosures with UV Printing and laser marking. For detailed information, you can visit our customization page.

You can paint our enclosures in any metallic or plain color with commercially available wet plastic paints.

On the page of the relevant product, the accessories included in the package with the product are indicated. The prices of other accessories are not included in the product price.

Order and Payment

Contact with our export sales team to learn about the dealers in your country. 

Our prices on our website decrease as order quantities increase. We offer additional discounts to our customers who continuously purchase from us above a certain level.

We send our enclosures all over the world by cargo and forwarders. You can order through our website, you can also order our enclosures from our export sales team.

In order to meet the sample demands of our customers, we have reduced the minimum order quantity on our website to 1 piece. By using our website, you can order the products you want as samples in the quantity you want.

Other Questions

You can find detailed information about the fairs and exhibitions we participate in here. We would be very happy to see you, our valued customers, at the Altınkaya stand to be established at these fairs.

Yes, we import enclosures. You can see whether the enclosure is imported or not on the relevant product page on our website and in our catalogs by the word "Imported".

Yes, we export to foreign companies. The number of our customers abroad is increasing day by day.

Our working hours are Monday-Friday 08:00-12:30 and 13:30-18:00 on weekdays. We do not work on weekends.

Yes, we have stock of all kinds of enclosures on our site in proportion to our sales, we also keep the enclosures we import in stock. If the product is out of stock, we indicate that it is out of stock on the relevant product page.

Graphic Printing

We can make all the graphic prints you want on all our products whose material and printing surface are suitable.

We have the possibility to print many images with our UV curing printing system.

We can apply all colors in a color palette close to the photographic image.

In the CMYK color palette, which is our printing system, we can achieve results that are 85% close to Panton and RAL codes.

Depending on the color of the enclosure and the desired printing color, we can print all colors, including white, at an additional cost by applying liner printing when necessary. You can choose the most suitable one for you from the color systems we will suggest.

We can make variable prints such as serial number / LOT number at additional cost.

Our UV curing printing system has passed etching tests. It lasts longer than many methods.

We have seen that our prints are not erased with the tests we did with different chemicals. You can still try the chemical your product comes into contact with on our sample prints.

The printing method we use is highly resistant to sunlight.

We calculate our prices according to the area of the printed surface, how many surfaces are treated and how many layers we print.

Leaving aside the apparent cost, if we look at the time and labor you spend when printing in different places, you will get more colorful, more vivid, faster and smoother printing results at less cost.